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27 April 2012 @ 12:58 am
A Drive-By Gaying ... Slow Jam...  
When last we left the ladies of Lip Service Cat was fucking up her life by fucking Frankie. Frankie was just fucked up. And Sam was too busy being too hot for this show and too good for the girl cheating on her with the fuck up. Lesbian drama. Series two of Lip Service premiered last week in the U.K. and let's just say, I hate everyone. Why am I watching this show? Oh, right, because I need to take my lesbian representation where I can get it. Below is the glorious episode in its entirety if you haven't yet seen it. Watch it fast before it disappears.

Lip Service

Look away if you don't want to be spoiled.

— My one word reaction to just about everything featured in this episode is WHY? WHY? For the love of god, WHY? Why is Cat still cheating on the world's most perfect girlfriend? She takes you on vacation. She treats you with respect. She doesn't want to fuck you in dark, dirty alleys. She looks like Heather Peace. She owns handcuffs. Why, for the love of Pete would you cheat on her, Cat?

— WHY? Frankie? Why? I think the more appropriate observation is how? How is someone so self-involved and fucked up have so much of a hold over someone who is generally level-headed and rational? I don't care about your shit, Frankie and if I keep on having to deal with your shit, I may have to stop watching.

— Oh, Tess. Dump your girlfriend. Please don't cheat on her with your new roomie.

— New roomie is hot and she can stay. Tess get on that.

— Oh wait, new roomie Lexi has the hots for Sam who is in love with Cat who is shagging Frankie who is living with Tess who is has the hots for Lexi. Did I get that right? What could possible go wrong here?

— Cat and Jay getting high. A favorite.

— No, seriously, new roomie is hot.

The Good Wife

If you didn't watch The Good Wife on Sunday than you missed the hottest lesbian love scene to date on network television (minute 4:12 of this clip). Yes, on CBS. You read this sentence right. The gauntlet has been thrown down other networks. Will you really let this stand? Will you let CBS (CBS FOR CHRIST SAKES) wear the crown of network who aired the best lesbian sex scene? Come on, Fox, step up.. I thought you were supposed to be the edgy network. What makes this scene so good is precisely what it didn't show and how much that didn't matter because it was still hot. TV and media in generally rarely depict satisfaction of female desire even in heterosexual sex so to see and hear a woman getting off on the touch of another woman is truly a milestone. Cheers to you, CBS. For more on the scene from Good Wife creator, click here, but for the best paragraph...
“It’s very funny to talk with Standards & Practices, who are all very nice people, and negotiate how much we could see of a thrusting hand and so on. Jill Flint and Archie Panjabi did such a wonderful job in the scene. We’ve always thought sexiness was better played on the face, but it was difficult to get around [what was happening below frame]. All we could do was plead the fact that you couldn’t see the scene if you framed it any differently. I think we compromised slightly — we would have gone out maybe another few inches — but I think we reached a nice compromise.”


Shut up, I love me all kinds of soaps and YES, I watch Hollyoaks. Don't judge. No judging. So far this year on Hollyoaks one gay couple, Texas and Jodie, has come and gone like a shooting star so there is no guarantee that this storyline, currently unfolding, will not have the same outcome, but I do like it so far. Tilly and Jen met at an art gallery show and hit it off. They had a date and kissing happened. It wasn't until later that Tilly realized Jen was the new student-teacher at college. Now, Tilly and Jen are doing that attraction dance where they know they can't be together (Jen would get the fired), have agreed to be friends, but they can't seem to stay away from each other. One of the reasons I like this storyline is that it isn't the same old "gay girl falls for straight girl and straight girl is confused" storyline which is the only storyline TV shows tend to make. In this one, Tilly and Jen are both out and gay and the obstacle to their happiness is something not based on sexuality. A gay storyline that doesn't involve straight girl angst and is not about getting pregnant.... how refreshing is that.


Jimmy Fallon and President Obama Slow Jam the News

And in case you haven't seen it...and you must. Obama proves he is the coolest leader in the world. There is no second place.
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Jet: 30 Rock Liz OHMYGODjetgirl78 on April 28th, 2012 09:04 pm (UTC)
That scene was crazy hot omg.

The scene didn't completely register until I saw it a couple of times. I was like "what is happennnnnnnning? is it ... are they... on CBS?" Hee.
A: game of thrones | [pilot]vulcanicity on April 29th, 2012 08:17 am (UTC)
Hehe I kind of couldn't believe I was actually seeing that on my screen, but then yeah...hot damn!