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the girl
writing. snark. pop culture criticism. fangirling. running. walking. jetsetting. guitar playing. reading. music. more snark. more fangirling.

the telly
30 rock, community, mad men, smallville, the wire, doctor who, torchwood, ncis, rizzoli & isles, grey's anatomy, castle, soaps and lots of brit telly.

the ships
jeff/annie, arizona/callie, rizzoli/isles, castle/beckett, britta/troy, superman/clark/lois

the actors
jodie foster, tina fey, sasha alexander, alison brie, nathan fillion, jessica capshaw, elizabeth mitchell, dana delany, bridget regan

friending policy
No need to ask, just friend me, particularly if we share common interests. I usually friend you back if you comment on my posts every once and a while. If you don't, that's cool too. Most of my fandom posts are public.

Don't friend me if you don't love GAY, in all forms. If you think I'm going to hell for loving someone that's your right, but don't shit where I live. DO NOT FRIEND ME, please. It shall be better for everyone.

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30 rock, afterellen, alias, all my children, amy acker, amy adams, amy poehler, angel, arrested development, astoria, aussie soaps, bad girls, battlestar galactica, bbc, blake/ross, bo/carly, bonnie somerville, bryan fuller, bryce dallas howard, buffy, cameron crowe, carrie fisher, cary grant, chuck, claire mcleod, classic hollywood, coupling, crystal chappell, d.e.b.s, daft punk, dead like me, eden riegel, elizabeth mitchell, elliot reid, emily blunt, emily deschanel, erica durance, erin daniels, evangeline lilly, eve myles, famke janssen, fan fiction, fight club, film criticism, frak, freaks & geeks, gossip girl, gothamist, green wing, greta garbo, grey's anatomy, guiding light, han/leia, himym, hitchcock, hospital central, hugh jackman, imaginary bitches, imagine me and you, jack/gwen, jack/irina, jennifer garner, jodie foster, john barrowman, jordana brewster, judd apatow, julie bowen, kate walsh, kristin chenoweth, kylie minogue, lauren lee smith, lena headey, lena olin, lisa chappell, liz may brice, lois/clark, london, los angeles, maca/esther, madonna, maragret cho, marathons, mariska hargitay, mary mcdonnell, masterpiece theater, mcleod's daughters, mia maestro, mulder/scully, ned/chuck, new york city, nikki/helen, olive snook, paget brewster, pat/sheena, patricia vico, patrick/sally, penelope cruz, photography, photoshop, portia de rossi, pushing daisies, rachel/luce, reese/bianca, romola garai, roslin/adama, running, salma hayek, sara ramirez, sarah chalke, sarah waters, scissor sisters, screwball comedies, scrubs, sherry stringfield, silence of the lambs, smallville, soaps, soundtracks, stand-up comedy, star wars, tamara braun, taye diggs, television without pity, the 80s, the l word, the office, the wire, tina fey, torchwood, uk soaps, veronica mars, wesley/fred, wicked, wonderfalls, writing, x-files, zooey deschanel